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We have the knowledge and techniques to bring that vision to reality. Crespo Painting, Inc. creates a high-quality  finished product to awaken, enrich and beautify your Southwest Florida home. 


Our new construction painting systems include the most thorough preparation methods used today to ensure the highest quality finished surfaces.


Our repaint department specializes in "upgrading" your present paint job to our high standards, as well as taking care to insure that, as the home owner, you are always confident and comfortable with us in your home.


Whether painting newly built homes or repainting existing homes, we dedicate ourselves to providing a paint job unsurpassed by others.

Proper interior paint preparation before painting often encompasses more work than the

actual painting. Up to 75% of the work can be getting a surface ready for painting. 

Crespo Painting takes extra care in proper preparation techniques for a professional 




Preparation of exterior surfaces should include repairing all loose substrates, proper cleaning of the surfaces, correct application of primers or sealers and the suitable selection of quality paint products to achieve a lasting and beautiful finish.

We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver professional results that will satisfy the most discriminating eye.  You can be assured that you have chosen a customer oriented company that will stand behind its work and reputation.

Preparation of interior wood surfaces include using the correct primers, putty and sanding techniques, removing all dust and using proper painting techniques to achieve an exquisite finish. For wall surfaces preparation includes sanding, using the correct primers and paint systems to make a level 5 finish look wonderful.


Painting a kitchen has many advantages; major defects in the existing cabinets can be easily covered in the painting process, handles or knobs can be moved to a new location, whereas that would not usually be possible when a kitchen is stained. 


The leading provider of residential and commercial power washing services in Naples.

A powerwash from Crespo painting will get rid of all the unsightly mold, mildew and stains that have accumulated over years of exposure to the elements.

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